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All-In-One Wireless Sonos Play3


Many of us dream of a wireless home — a place where stereos, speakers, and video components all live and work together without the eyesore of ugly wires.

To that end, I have good news and bad news…

There’s no such thing as a truly wireless home. Electronics need power. Those running on batteries have to be charged or plugged into an outlet. So, at the very least, there are power cords to contend with.

Then there’s the issue of quality and consistency. Most wireless audio and video devices use the same airwaves as cordless phones, cell phones, and Wi-Fi networks. When all that data fights for space there are pauses, blips, and dead air — like when a video playing on a computer stops and that “buffering” symbol starts spinning.

But new technology allows for increasing degrees of wireless connectivity within the home. At the very least, we can now stream music from different sources to various speakers around the home. It’s not perfect yet, but it’s getting much better.

SonosPlay3Play5BlackIntroducing Sonos Play3 and Play5.  The new Sonos systems are our choice for a great sounding wireless audio system.

Getting great sound from an audio source — as opposed to a TV for a home theater experience — can be a bit more complicated, especially for audiophiles who prize fidelity above all else. But the advent of digital music is making this a lot easier to achieve.

There are a number of ways to stream music from wherever it’s stored, including iTunes, a home computer, a server, backup storage, or from the Internet. Sonos makes some of the best-reviewed solutions for streaming music from multiple sources. The Sonos Play:5 and new, smaller Play:3 deliver digital music from virtually any source. Connect using the Sonos Zone Bridge (sold separately) and get all music stored on a hard drive, in an iTunes library, or on Internet radio stations. You can access virtually any subscription music service like Pandora, Rhapsody, or Spotify, and stream it to any set of speakers anywhere in the house.

It’s a great way to get music throughout a house, without a custom installer going through the walls and setting up an expensive whole-home system. It’s easy to use and a good addition for someone that’s either already invested in some basic home audio equipment or starting from scratch. Sonos makes a controller, but you can download an app that turns just about any handheld device into a personal remote control.

Each unit is a speaker. The Play:5 delivers large sound from a larger speaker and the newer Play: 3 is a smaller unit that easily tucks away out of sight. And it solves the problem of getting sound throughout a home wirelessly. Simply plug them in, load the software, and you’ve got music everywhere. You can play the same tracks all over the house, or different tunes in different rooms. It really is that easy.

Let us show you how you can have a complete whole house audio system, without all the wires. Stop by our new Houston home theater showroom at 7300 Southwest Freeway to enter for a chance to win a new Sonos Play3 (drawing to be held December 21st).

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