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GoldenEar’s Top-of-the-Line Triton One

All Star Audio Video - GoldenEar’s Top-of-the-Line Triton One Floor SpeakerThe GoldenEar Triton One floor standing speaker has been reviewed by many and it is considered to be the high point of the Triton series speakers.  In many ways, this remarkable Triton One speaker resembles the other speakers in the Triton series: Triton Two, Three, Five and Seven.  The grand Triton One speaker is considered to be the best value floor standing speaker on the market today.

When the design team at GoldenEar began developing the Triton One, their main goal was to improve the already fine performance of the Triton Two.  The focus was simply to produce better, more refined dynamics.  Better quality bass and cleaner, clearer sound reproduction were at the top of their list of improvement goals.

The Triton One speaker is much larger in size compared to the other speakers in the Triton series and the increased size allows for a much larger internal chamber.  While the Triton Two speakers worked very well with two bass/sub drivers, the Triton One floor speaker has a 1,600,watt digital amplifier with an additional bass/sub driver added.  The three 5” by 9” front-mounted drivers are coupled with 2 sets of 7” x 10” passive drivers.  Engineers consider the amplifier’s driver configuration to be well balanced, resulting in much a clearer signal.

As always, when setting up speakers in a home theater, consideration must be given to proper placement. With a pair of Triton One speakers, it is recommended that they be placed a good distance apart from each other with space away from the side and back walls.  Depending on the size of the room, the speakers should be set up at least 10 feet apart with a severe thirty degree toe-in angle.  The speaker “ear height” is also critical to the proper set up of the speakers.  The mid-range/tweeter array should be approximately 42 inches from the floor to properly align with those who are seated and listening.  It is important to note that the front tilt of the speakers can be adjusted to maximize the audio experience.

Once the Triton One speakers are set-up and in use, audiophiles will notice that the sound quality is amazing.  Voices are clear and natural and instrumental sounds are sharp and clean.  Whether one is listening to an incredible symphony performed by a world-class orchestra or listening to a favorite country-western band, the sound output is exceptional.  With eyes closed, listeners will feel transported to the live performance.

Audiophiles will find that the Triton One floor speakers have the incredible ability to showcase many subtle sounds, from the softest pianissimo notes and musical phrases to the extraordinary sound explosions that are often heard in a fast-paced action film.  Triton One speakers provide excellent volume at both ends of the scale.  At the lowest volume, Triton One speakers provide deep, satisfying dynamics and full bass sound quality.  At much higher volumes, sounds are clean and crisp with no distortion.

GoldenEar’s Triton One floor speaker is tall and slender, providing a simple appearance.  Black fabric covers most of the equipment, although a small top piece covers the fabric drawstring.  The base provides a solid footing for this taller than average speaker, and it is fitted with carpet spikes to ensure it remains upright.

For those who are looking to include top quality floor speakers in their home theater space, Triton One speakers are certainly worth consideration.  Their simple, clean design will fit into any décor.  The set-up is easy and GoldenEar speakers can easily be adjusted to maximize the sound experience in your particular home theater space.  If awesome audio in the comfort of your own home is your goal, the Triton One sound experience will certainly meet and exceed your expectations.

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